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The PBRU homepage (England).
School of Architecture University of Dundee, U.K.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Civil Engineering University of Bath, U.K.
Lightweight Structures Research Unit
Deployable Structures Laboratory University of Cambridge, U.K.
Institute for Lightweight Structures University of Stuttgart, Germany
Space Structures Research Centre University of Surrey, U.K

Associations and General Information
IASS International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures
IFAI Industrial Fabrics Association International
AFMA, American Fiber Manufacturers Association

Software on the WWW
ForTen by Gerry D'Anza, Italy 
Easy and Cadisi by Technet GmbH, Berlin+Stuttgart, Germany
Patterner by Bruno Postle, Special Structures Lab, Sheffield, UK
The Surface Evolver by Kenneth A. Brakke  , Susquehanna University
Wintent by Surface Software
MCM Lite by Birdair, Buffalo, USA
WinFab by Multimedia Engineering PTE LTD, Singapore

Academy Tent and Canvas
Anchor, USA
Aerosail Shade Structures  Australia
Architen, UK
Birdair, Buffalo, USA
Bridport Industries Limited
Canobbio SPA, Italy
Canvas Link
Canvas Speciality
Clamshell Buildings
De Nardis Associates , NY 
Duvall Designs Inc.
Fabric Images
Festo Germany, Esslingen, Germany
FTL Happold, NY, USA
IPL Ingenieurplanung Leichtbau GmbH, Konstanz, Germany
J & J. Carter Ltd. Basingstoke, UK
Koch HighTex, Rimsting, Germany
Landrell Fabric Engineering, Chepstow, UK
McCalls, Threaded steel bar systems
Prat SA, France
Rudi Enos  UK
Sail Shades
Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart, Germany
Skidmore (SOM), Chicago, USA
Sprung Instant Structures
Starnet International Corp, Florida, USA
Structureflex, QLD, Australia
Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, Japan
Sullivan and Brampton, CA, USA
Tensar Industries
Tentech BV, Delft, The Netherlands
Tentnology, BC, Canada
Transformit, Maine, USA
VESL Tension Span Structures, Australia
Warner Shelter Systems Limited, Alberta, Canada
Weidlinger, New York, USA
Yeadon, USA
SobreSaliente , Montevideo 
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Other interesting Web Sites 
The Fabric Structures homepage.
 Fabric Tension Structure page
Membrane Structures Links



Author's  Name          Title                                                              Publishing House                                                      Year
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Abbate F.        Sollecitazione e Forma            Fratelli Fiorentino Napoli 

Articles and Magazines

 Author's Name                Article                                                                  Magazine                                                                         Year

 Berger Horst                 Scalloped Prestressed Dome From Prestressed elements                     Journal  of the American Concrete Institute March 1966                           1966 
 Morganti M.                  Ricerche Strutturali                                                     Casabella n 301 gennaio pp 34-41                                                 1966 
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 Tene Y -- Epstein M          Nonlinear space trusses with tension only members                        I.A.S.S Proceeding of the pacific symposium on tension structures Tokyo 17/23    1971 
 IL2                          Shadow in the desert                                                      Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                   1972 
 Paolini Margerita            Tiplogia e tecnologia delle tensostrutture                               Acciaio n.5 maggio                                                               1972 
 Paolini Margerita            Tiplogia e tecnologia delle tensostrutture                               Acciaio n.7-8 luglio-agosto                                                      1972 
 IL5                          Convertible Roofs                                                         Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                   1973 
 IL 6                         Biology and Building                                                     Part III  Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart          1973 
 Berger Horst                 The Engineering Discipline of Tent Structures                            Architectural Record n.2 febbraio pp 81-88                                       1975 
 IL 8                         Nets in nature and technics                                              Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                    1975 
 IL 16                        Zelte Tents 1                                                            Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                    1976 
 Majowiecki Massimo           Strutture spaziali leggere Progettazione Interattiva mediante l'impiego  Acciaio n.10 pp 421-427                                                          1976 
 Aldo Capasso                 Tencnologie sperimentali dell'Habitat                                    Acciaio n.3 marzo pp 151-157                                                     1978 
 IL 11                        Lightweight and energy technics                                          Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                    1978 
 IL 17                        The work of Frei Otto and his teams 1955-76                              Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                    1978 
                              Tent Structures : Are they Architecture ?                                Architectural Record n.5 may pp127-134                                           1980 

                              SOM'S computer Approach,                                                 Architectural Record n.8 August pp 84-91                                         1980 

 IL 29                        The Tent City's of he Haij                                               Institute of lightweight Structures , University of Stuttgart                    1980 
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 Berger Horst                 New Developments in Lightweight Dome Structures                          Dome from antiquity to the present MSU Symposium Istanbul                        1988 
 Simonelli Giuliano           Ineguagliabile Leggerezza                                                Modulo n. 148 pp 64-72                                                           1989 

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