Fabric and Tensile Structures

  ForTen 32® Beta 1.0 is Ready

You can get a Cd Rom with the Full ForTen 32 Trial for one month with
150 Mega of tutorials in screencam format, many examples and a full help file.
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Main Features:

Multiple membranes in a single project .

New object tree browser and GUI.

Real time shading with OpenGL API.

Integrated Non Linear Geometric Math Solver.

Cable and membrane elements in the same model.

Elements with constant length ( compressed elements ) are accepted in the formfind process.

Nodal , cable and membrane loads in a variable number of load conditions.

Export and Import of DXF and 3DS files .

Library of cross sections for cable and steel mast .

Library of materials .

Patterner Module and automatic layout.

Pattern compensation by "0" state stress or user definied values, with partial side offsets for seam joints.

Export in DXF of all the project , the pattern layout or single components.

ForTen 32 Screen Shots

3D Editor with multiple views

Membrane and cable stress plot

Plot of deformed shape with upward wind load

Pattern layout 

Contact Companies that are working with ForTen 
SobreSaliente , Montevideo 
ForTen 2.1.2 Info

ForTen ® 2.1.2  is ...
the first commercial software specifically developed to calculate and model tensile and fabric structures.
Forten® is both a geometrical and mathematical modeler that permits to you to obtain the exact building shape, starting from :
  For the first time you'll have the total control, since a great design problem was not to know the final result until this kind of structure was completely realized: now it's possible to have the sharp view of a real time 3D geometry that can be manipulated inside your preferred CAD/Modeling software.   Forten can share files with the most many CAD/CDRS platforms, having the ability to exchange data in:
DXF Format (.dxf)
Autodesk 3D Studio ASCII format (.asc)

Forten® 2.1.2 Main Features:   1. Hi-speed math kernel
2. Hi-speed drawing engine
3. No complexity mesh and joints limitations
4. MDI (Multiple Document Interface) based
5. Graphical real-time stress analizer
6. Graphical real-time contour lines analizer
7. Built-in Renderer (Phong Mode supported)
8. Object-snap tools for interactive editing
9. Non linear math solver module (FortCalc®)

Download the demo Version of Forten® 2.1.2(new demo Full english GUI )

Limits ...
The only limits to the size of the mesh that forten can build depend on the avalaible machine memory.   Forten® 2.1.2 works well on all computers with windows 3.1 / win 95 / Nt .

  Contact Gerry D'Anza at g.danza@napoli.peoples.it to order the full version or to get further information.
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